The Winners are… + a Simple Bonus Block Series.. oh yeah!

We are overwhelmed by the shear beauty of hundreds of photos of your quilts, tops and blocks..but the task had to be done.. running the number to select the winners! All the winners have been emailed and here is the list

US – and i have to give out TWO Bonus gifts… because if you are first to enter.. I salute you! the prize Bundle of Fabric, a hardcopy of Pat’s machine quilting book, a box of my Aurifil thread.

  1. 52 – I’m  Cindy from the USA. I’ve learned that it’s ok to be slow. There are NO quilt police!
  2. 110  -I learned that I really like to appliqué and paper piece.
  3. BONUS mystery gift  275 –  I have small kids, not much me time,and a little sewing every day really can make a difference
  4. BONUS mystery gift for posting first! #1 Joan!

Australia  the prize Bundle of Fabric, a hardcopy of Jane’s book, a box of Jane & Fran’s Aurifil thread.

  • 241 – I learned patients, and got better a PaperPiecing.

Rest of the World – 2 of my digital books and a box of my Aurifil thread

  • CA 149 –  Jitka, I learned it all from appliqué to Paperpiecing and got hooked on quilting

Bonus – A digital pattern from American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

  • FR – 34 Bricoles textiles de Catherine – FRANCE/ The Splendid sampler
  • UK – 353 Lynette from UK, Some Canyon, some Aria, learned much about being patient and working faster 
  • DE 433 a wonderful sampler
  • A BONUS – 457  Thursdays and Sundays reminded me again that happiness is made out of small and amazing things  

See all the entries 

And more lovely photos at our online group!

I’ve been thinking about a ‘simple bonus block’. There are many blocks in our book that are less complex and I’ll be sharing a few bonus ones between now and when the book comes out in the middle of April 2017. In May we’ll start giving you block assignments from the book to sew each week! We can’t WAIT!

The Splendid  Sampler™ was thought up by 2 friends, Jane & I. And now it’s generated  new friendships, and rekindled old friendships.   The Friendship Star is perfect for this!

I now want to make an entire quilt of little 6″ friendship stars to sparkle across the bed!  How about you? Fabric is my Sunday Drive line (available HERE)

DOWNLOAD Pat Sloan’s A Little Friendship Block 1 simple bonus blocks

How exciting to have one book with all the 100 designer patterns which ships in just a few weeks to you! You won’t need to spend time printing, chewing up paper and ink. No need to lug around & store large folders of patterns. Many of you realize that our downloadable patterns were a gift to you while the book was being compiled.

We now need your help.. If people ask for the blocks… Please tell them the blocks are no longer free, and that our book is coming in just a few weeks and we’ll be sewing blocks from our book. Please respect our project and do NOT send pdfs to others. Those free patterns were a gift from Jane & I to you and were free for for over a year.  We can’t wait for this book, thousands of hours have gone into running this project & creating it. BiG HUGS!

CLICK to PRE-Order your book!

SHARE your blocks below loof for the blue button. The Tutorial on how to load a photo

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