The Splendid Sampler ™ 2 Bonus Block – Magic Squares

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s Pat Sloan here today with a bonus block for you to enjoy on this busy Holiday week.

We know that some people might want options to switch out a block or two. Jane and I are giving a few extra blocks as a bonus. You can see all the prior bonus blocks HERE

SEW THE BOOK DETAILS  – In case you missed this, we are now sewing from the book.  Each Thursday we’ll assign multiple blocks a week so that we finish this sew along in a year.  Now that you have the book you can do any blocks you like, but we will assign several blocks on Thursday and you will meet those design team members. PLUS we will have extra fun things, like the chance to win prizes, designers could have giveaways or they may have tutorials. It’s great fun to sew the book and meet everyone.

Remember it’s a journey not a race. You only need to do ONE block a week to enter the giveaway. Or you might need to do a certain designers block, each week will be something fun!  This is a catch up week with a bonus from me!  Next week we sew from the book again.

If you love sewalongs, I announced my next two, I’d love to have you join me!

My SEW ALONG Details

**CLICK to Download Pat Sloan’s Magic Squares bonus

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Last fall I made this Darling Turkey & Pumpkin. Pumpkin is my bonus block HERE

BUY the TURKEY pattern with 2 Sizes of Turkeys and a quilt layout!

If you are looking for a new iron, I recommend this one!

This project is Run and Hosted by Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan.