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You have found the home of  The Splendid Sampler™ project organized and run by good friends Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

From Feb 14, 2016 to Feb 12, 2017 we issued the blocks, two at a time, here on our website.
>>>>> On Feb 19, 2017 the blocks are no longer free 
May 25 and ever Thursday, you’ll get an assigned block to make! Some weeks 2 blocks are assigned
  • How Much Fabric should I buy? 
    • The short answer is that there is no set supply list for this project. With 100 blocks you may want a variety of prints. We suggest a Fat Quarter Bundle of at least 25 to 35 fabrics to start. Then purchase several yards.. go for 3yds worth (all the same or scrappy).. of a basic that you can use in each block to unify them.
    • We have 2 curated starter bundles of 20 beautiful FQs that you can use to kick start  your blocks! BUY HERE  You will want to add more as you go along!
    • See our Article on the fabrics used for the 100 block quilt in our book. Most people added more fabric as they went along. See blocks by clicking the designers name on the right. Or visiting our online group


If you happened to find us via a block at Pinterest, you might have seen one embellished with a snowman or geese. Maybe with such a unique coloration that it doesn’t look like the base Splendid Sampler block.. but it is!
  • With over 30,000 very creative quilt makers sewing along with us, many have added their own unique embellishments that are not part of our project. Nor are they a pattern. So just enjoy the creativity!   The quiltmakers above are
  • Top row – Sandra G,  Sue M, Maudy E,  Sylvia S.
  • Bottom row – Debra M,  Patsy B, Dena B, x, Kathy B.

pat sloan block 43 on stand2

You can find the adorable stands Pat Designed (both table top and one to hang on the wall)  BOTH HERE (with International Shipping)

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21 Dec 2017


 4 Jan 2018

Jane’s drop shadow Layout


 Pat Sloan

Block #1 - Hearts Aflutter by Pat Sloan

5/25/17 Hearts Aflutter

 Jane Davidson – Quiltjane

Block #2 - Wings

 6/1/17 Wings


6/8/17 + Love

6/15/17 Early Bird

6/22/17 Stitch Crazy

 6/29/17 Sew South

7/6/17 Circle of Friendship

7/13/17 Homeward Bound

7/20/17 Starting Point


7/27/17 Summer’s Gift

8/3/17 Lina’s gift

8/10/2017 Gran’s Button Jar

8/17/17 Lots of Love

24 Aug 2017 – Measure

Twice, Cut Once 


8/31/17 Flights of Friendship

9/7/17 Focal Point


9/14/17 Happy Happy  & Full Circle Star

21 Sep 2017 – Cute as a cupcake and Simple Surprises 

 9/28/17 – first stitch & Wild Rose

5 Oct 2017 – Friends around the Square and Centered

12/10/17 Happy Thoughts and Hand n Hand


19 Oct 2017 – Pencils and Hearts and Flowers

26 Oct 2017- Whim & Flying High

2 Nov 2017 – Little Things & Sunday Best 

 Bonus Blocks at the end of the Book Block List

9 Nov 2017

16 Nov 2017 – Iowa and Twirl Time

23 Nov 2017


30 Nov 2017 – Lemonade & Stitch in the Garden


7 Dec 2017 – Pin Cushion Love & First Purse

14 Dec 2017 – Local Quilt Shop & Shining Star

21 Dec 2017

 4 Jan 2018

11 Jan 2018 


25 Jan 2018

Feb 1, 2018

Feb 8 2018  

15 Feb,2018

Feb 22 2018

Mar 1 2018 

8 Mar 2018

15 March 2018 

22 March 2018

28 March 2018

5 April 2018 

19 April 2018

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The Splendid Sampler™ Bonus Blocks

 Alyssa Thomas  Pat Sloan  Pat Sloan
 Bee Brave

Bee Brave

 Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler Derby day 2 Bonus – Derby Day

Pat’s free Bee & Tote

lillyella Pat Sloan Pat Sloan

Bonus Block with Block Station

Bonus Block – ‘Just for you’
Jane Davidson-Quiltjane Pat Sloan Cheryl Arkison

Bonus Block – Easter Bunnies
Bonus Block- Pat Sloan for Babylock

Bonus Block – Earth Day

Matthew’s Block  Jane Davidson Jacquelynne Steves

Bonus – Children’s Day

Matthew’s Block


BONUS Block Check Sheet

Bonus  – Flip Floppin Challenge
 Pat Sloan Top of the Hill 1 Million Pillowcase Challenge- Melissa Corry Design

Bonus – DOWNLOAD  our celebration of doing 50 blocks – Top of the Hill!


Bonus from American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine


Bonus Block DOWNLOAD for Sept, Back to School!

Pat Sloan Oct Pumpkin Joan Ford NOV Bonus Block Turkey

Bonus – DOWNLOAD Pumpkin 


Bonus Canning Jars 


If you want to purchase a  downloadable Turkey Pattern, Details HERE  

Pat Sloan Acorn Christmas Lights Pat Sloan Birthday Block

To make it ALL fit on 6″ reduce the size by 30%


 Free 6″ block from Connecting Threads


DOWNLOAD Pat’s Birthday Cake Block

Ugly Sweater by KidGiddy Pat’s Gran’s Gingerbread  Scott Hansen

This is a PAID pattern, GET DETAILS

This is a PAID pattern, GET DETAILS

Happy New Year and Good Morning World!


Scott Hansen Pat Sloan  Jane Davidson

Happy New Year and Good Morning World!

Simple Bonus #1- A Little Friendship

Easter Egg Hunt

Pat Sloan Jane Davidson Pat Sloan


Simple Bonus #2 – Better than Sliced Bread

Bonus Little Clover


Simple Bonus #3 – Churn Dash Love

The Splendid Sampler Label

The Splendid Sampler Label

Tote Bag

See the inside & buying info!

 The buds of May
Jane Davidson
Mini New Glory

8/20/17 Eclipse 


Quick Links

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What is in the book? 
What is NOT in the book?
  • NO bonus blocks – those will stay here at our website… and are listed at the end of the page
  • NO tips given by other designers as those are their own personal project. If you are following a particular designer and their tips,  you need to save those.
  • NO quilter blocks or quilter finished quilts.  The book was delivered at the beginning of the project before anyone else made blocks, it’s FULL to the brim

The Splendid Sampler™

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. (Chinese proverb) …. Or in our case, a single stitch!

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