Good Morning World Bonus Block + Giveaway!

Happy New Year’s EVE or New Year’s DAY depending on where you live!!! I’m a FIRM believer that you should roll in the new year by SEWING!!   Scott Hansen of Blue Nickel Studio felt the same way so he created this great Good Morning World bonus block for us.

Jane used the sweet little chick I sent her for the center and the yummy pineapples in the corner, a sign of hospitality!

For those If you can’t sew today, then definitely sew tomorrow.. it’s good luck you know!

DOWNLOAD Good Morning World Bonus Block

DOWNLOAD Bonus Block_PP templates

VISIT Scott to Enter his Giveaway… so fun!!

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Aurifil’s brand new 80 wt thread is glorious for hand applique! you NEED IT.. end of story.. go.. now…get some

Get a Single spool to try, or a collection.. I love this one for the basic starter set of colors. Visit Aurifil at their website, instagram, and Facebook

the-splendid-sampler-cover pat-sloan-machine-quilting-2

Preorder Our book on SALE.. and I see my Teach me to Machine Quilt is on sale too! woohoo!

Thursday is block 89, we are really excited for you to see it!

Jane and I just like you…. you being over 40,000 quilters across the world sewing Splendid Sampler blocks.  We are not doing the block as soon as it come out. Instead we do a block here, a block there. Some take longer, some are quick.  

This is a journey, not a race. 

And we’ll be making blocks with quilters for years to come.

This is just the beginning. 

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