Block 89 – From Colorado To The MidWest

Designer: Ebony Love


Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom) Ebony Love  Melissa Corry, Melanie Barrett,  Katja Marek Joan Ford,  and Jane Davidson

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Ebony saysUse 50 wt thread with a 75/11 quilting or topstitch needle for piecing, and change your needle at least at the start of a new project. We treat our needles like they are some rare jewel only to replaced when broken, instead of as the consumable objects that they are.”

Ebony has an amazing way at looking at things to create a fun project you can do with her. From naming all her machines… Like Mr T. the die cut, to Buzz Lighting her longarm who just went to a new home and now a dynamic duo of machines Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam (do you happen to be a Jane Austen fan too?)

If you want to learn about die cut machines, ANY die cut machine, or maybe you’d like to learn some new tricks, then Ebony is the girl to teach you with her lessons, videos (YEAH!) and more! So Check out her diecut information page, so much goodness!

Now Visit Ebony for her UPSIZED version … see.. didn’t I tell you she is FUN!

Jane and I are crazy about Aurifil thread and like Ebony, 50wt is our go to wt.

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