Top of the Hill Celebration Day 1!

Pat Sloan Top of the Hill

Kicking off our halfway point is a bonus block I designed called ‘Top of the Hill’.

Jane and I realized that the 50 block mark is the half way point. Like climbing a hill, when we reach block 50 we are ‘At the Top of the Hill’.

I then realized that using  the traditional ‘Moon over the Mountain’ quilt block is the perfect way to celebrate reaching 50 blocks tomorrow!!

To Download the Block.. Visit my website HERE and I have SOMETHING SPECIAL…

Lynette moonblock

Look at these AWESOME  ‘Top of the Hill’ Blocks! The one on the left is by Lynette Anderson using her adorable doggie fabric and one on the right is from Sarah J Maxwell of Designs by Sarah J … I love them both so much!

Now visit our designers ‘of the day’ for their MYSTERY Celebration article.. will it be a story? A share?  A free pattern? or maybe.. a chance to win a prize?? (NOTE not everyone’s is available right away.. so check back)

Have some fun…. and please leave a comment at each designers’s article to thank them or to share something you love about this journey. Jane and I are so grateful that you and the designers have taken the time to do this sew along with us!

The Note I sent to your email has the Celebration schedule.. did you get that email? Look around for it… be sure you have it. … you can also read it HERE

Quilt Faster

Our Class pick today is a newer class that we just LOVE because Lee teaches you so many great tips and tricks!

BUY this Class, you will LOVE it!

Share Your block below!

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