Block 53 – Whirling in Circles

53 Splendid Sampler Deb Roberts block multi

Designer: Deb Roberts

Techniques : Piecing

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom):  Deb Roberts,  Lynette AndersonJoan Ford ,and  Melanie Barrett 


Are you looking for the downloadable pattern? As from 19th February 2017, they are no longer available at this site.  For your convenience, we have placed them all in one comprehensive book which will be available  April 2017. 

  • 100 eye-catching designs from over 80 designers that use a wide range of techniques, including traditional patchwork, applique, foundation paper piecing, and embroidery
  • A number of the 6-inch blocks are shown in two colorways for twice the creativity
  • Be inspired by gallery quilts featuring carefully selected placement options for your Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Bonus blocks projects are not included in the book and can be found here.

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Deb Roberts Splendid Sampler block 53

Deb is the owner of a delightful quilt shop in Gretna, Nebraska, The Quilted Moose. This is a shop full of warm and cozy things, bright and happy things, wonderful kits, loads of inspiration and quilt-smart staff.

Deb tells usMy last name used to be Mowinkel, but the kids all called me Bullwinkle, Rocky’s cartoon sidekick. That’s where the name Moose started, and after many years of 4H, the Quilted Moose wasn’t far behind.

Deb opened the Moose in 2000, and after 16 years she still loves buying, displaying, and selling fabric. The store is always close to exploding with over 6000 bolts. Sign up for our Moose Tracks newsletter or check our blog to be the first to see them.

A semi-annual event called Mooseketeers is held ; part show-and-tell, part demo session, and part party. Mooseketeers is where  the new books, kits, and patterns are introduced. So keep an eye out in the spring and fall for the next ta-dah moment at Mooseketeers.

Visit Deb’s blog for more on her block.

Aurifil 50wt cotton thread in 1422 yard spools comes in a rainbow of colours to piece and finish every project.  I love 50wt when piecing as it reduces bulk in the seam. Buy here.



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