Block 11 Crocheted Thoughts

11 Splendid Sampler Pat Sloan Block multi

Designer: Alyssa Thomas of Penguin & Fish

Techniques : Embroidery & Patchwork

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom): Alyssa, Pat Sloan, Lynn Harris, Jane Davidson, Katja Marek, Charise Randell

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If you are new to embroidery, see our tutorial page for tips

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Alyssa tells us  “Try new techniques and crafts without judgement. If you push off the need to get something perfect the first time, you’ll be more daring, learn more, and have more fun. That new craft may become your passion. Or it may not. And that’s OK.” I also have a free embroidery pattern at if they want to give embroidery a try before starting the block

Visit Alyssa’s site to for tips and to learn about the amazing inspiration behind her block ‘Crocheted Thoughts’. 

Also, visit our Techniques page for tutorials on embroidery

crochet hooks

I love this block so much, I adore crochet and can’t wait to make this and share my backstory about crochet. So I looked around and spotted this fun set of hooks..woohoo! Do you also crochet?

You can Buy the Hooks, and check out the Crochet Kits & Supplies.. fun fun!


My newest Aurifil collection of threads has all 4 wts, 50, 40, 28 and 12 that I used to embroidery my blocks.  I have video on thread weights and tell you about my kits at this article

Buy my regular size or small size Kits

Buy all weights of Aurifil, including cones here or here

sue spargo

If you want to learn more about hand embroidery, learn from an expert! Sue Spargo is a dear friend of mine and an excellent teacher.. you will learn SO MUCH in this class!

Buy the Class

This project is

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