Let’s catch you up on things you might have missed

With the Emails and the questions at Facebook, I’d like to again give you project information you might have missed.  I think you might have gotten super excited and just started sewing without.. mmm…. reading our lovely information… wink!

pat and jane oct 2012 2

When was the whole thing started

How did you two decide who to ask onto the project?

  • Jane and I have a lot of friends who are fabulous designers, quilt shops who are amazing at being there for their customers, and incredible business partners. We each made a list of people we wanted to work with, and people  we thought would enjoy being a part of this project.
  • Then we sent them an invite!  We are all quilters just like you, and we love being part of this big quilt party!
  • The designer list is on the right side bar, and we did intros! If you missed the intros you can get the links to them on the block page.. and here they are again
  • Meet The Splendid Sampler™ Designers: Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 3 | Group 4 |Group 5


What guidelines did you give the designers?

  • We wanted to create the most unique and epic of samplers (listen to us chat on the podcast).  To make this the most creative sampler you’ve ever seen, only had a few guidelines
    • Use the Moda Fabric and the Aurifil thread we sent
    • Create a 6″ finished size (6.5″ unfinished) block in a technique you are known for. .. techniques were given to each designer
    • The block is to be inspired by your love of sewing in some way. A memory, something current… that is what the little stories in each pattern are from.
    • Send the block to Pat!

Mail call 12 22 sm

What was the process to get this all organized?

  • Well this is really a very techie question isn’t it? If the behind the scenes is boring.. go to the next question.. wink!
  • I am a project manager by training and born organized. Jane has a science background and thinks in spreadsheets. We are two geeks that love planning and organization and we know how to keep things moving and humming along.
  • This project took about a year from the first email to Feb 14 when we published the first block. There were timelines, and deliverables, and things mailing to and fro (is that a word?).
  • We had a book to figure out, before we did ANYTHING .. so in the end.. there were months and months of work by Jane, myself, our partners, and the designers … to bring you all this FREE fun!

The Splendid Sampler™ Sponsors and Partners:

Moda logo Martingale logo
Moda Fabric Martingale Books
Handi Quilter logo Aurifil logo APQ logo
Patchwork & Quilting Magazine
  • Then we asked our wonderful partners to work with us to help making the year long sew along a smooth event!  Please visit them!!

What do you call this a Sew along? a Quilt along? 

  • We use both terms, Sew along or Quilt Along with us! Our Design team has worked hard to create a gorgeous, unique designs for you to make in your fabrics. Use the fabrics you love to make the design.  There is no challenge involved, just sewing and fun!

How many quilts were made for the Book that will come out? 

  • There will be three quilts in the book using all 100 blocks. Two of them contain blocks by the designers, Pat & Jane. One quilt is in a contemporary colorway, the other in a traditional colorway.   The 3rd full quilt will be all 100 blocks by Jane.
  • Then we will have several other quilts made by the designers and Pat. At this point we don’t know how many will be in the book.
  • There will be several settings in the book.
  • There will be one free setting idea that we’ll publish when it’s ready.

4 jane

Are Jane & Pat making another quilt along with us?

  • We have both made 2 sets of blocks for the 100 block quilts. We have also made other additional blocks for the alternate colorway of the designer.
  • Jane is making 100 more, and she has been sharing those with you. This is one, she is using her collection of French General fabrics from Moda.

pat sloan splendid sampler block 2 thread

  • I am making 100 of my first block, Heart’s Aflutter, and I’m also making another 100 block quilt that is made along with you (or behind as the case may be). Plus a smaller version for the book. The block above is one that will go into my 100 block quilt using all the blocks.

pat sloan splendid sampler blocks

Are any of the designers making their own version of the quilt? 

  • They sure are!! They have been sharing in the Facebook Classroom, they have shared at their websites, their newsletters… and each time we release a block, all those in the photo are made by the designers. Right under the photo is the list of who made which block.
  • When you are in the facebook classroom do a search on #TheSplendidSamplerDesigner  or just search the name of the designer you are looking for like Ebony Love or Joan Ford or Charise.  At least 20 or more designers have already been sharing, just look for them!

pat sloan splendid sampler blocks shared

Where can I see all the blocks shared?

What can we show on the Facebook Classroom? In the Quilt show page?

  • You may show
    • your block by itself
    • your blocks as a group
    • the fabric you are thinking of working with
    • ask a question about the project with no photo.
    • pretty much anything that you are doing/wondering about the making of the blocks. Your things… not things from others.
  • What happens if something isn’t a fit?
    • We have several people who monitor the Classroom at Facebook. If anyone spots an off topic item we just delete it.  It might be a block from another project that you shared (for whatever reason), or any number of other items that is not a true The Splendid Sampler™ topic, we just remove it and move on.

I hope this got your all excited about the project now that you have some of the background pieces filled in!

This is a skill builder for many of you, and a joyful reunion with techniques used long ago for others.. either way we are all having an amazing good time!

Thanks for reading to the end.. I spotted this great discounted class that is one of my favorite skill builders.. See you at the classroom!

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