The Splendid Sampler II™ Sew-along – Alex Veronelli

Alex has been at Aurifil, the Italian quilt, patchwork & embroidery cotton threads manufacturer for 28 years. He travels throughout Europe and North America spreading the love of Aurifil. His job is to keep you up to date in Aurifil trends and products as well as news from International Quilt Shows and Shops.

We love seeing Alex at quilt market and today’s block is all about international quilt market, the rows of booths that line the aisles and the streams of people that fill those aisles.

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Grab a cone or two of your favorite neutral thread colour. I always have an assortment of greys, white, and cream on hand.

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Find the Quilt Market block on Page 105

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This project is Run and Hosted by Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan.

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I want to be sure everyone has a chance to own these great irons! If you have been waiting on the pink one, it’s back in stock!

I did a video and article about it HERE

The color differences are

  • Yellow & Pink are IDENTICAL except color
  • Blue is less expensive, so the 20% off is fantastic. It has these differences
    • 8’6″ cord instead of 12′
    • Stainless Steal soleplate instead of Chomium soleplate
    • 8 min auto shut off instead of 30 min with the pink & yellow