The Splendid Sampler II™ Sew-along – Rebecca Bryan

Rebecca Bryan of Bryan House Quilts has a wonderful saying “IF IT’S NOT COLORFUL, DON’T DO IT!”

She lives a very colorful quilting life and we are so thrilled that she designed a block for our sew along.  I’m really drawn to how she takes on shapes to create really unique quilts. You will also find she has an amazing color and pattern sense, that perfect spot for a stripe or a zinger is always found by Rebecca!

At her website she hosts challenges and the Pantone color is my favorite.

Her two books are amazing and really will have you thinking about quilts in a new way!  BUY Rebecca’s Books


Find the Milk & Cookies block on Page 101

Visit Rebecca to download her free online workshop: Playful Color Quick Start.  Then find out about her newest quilt. She is working through her Feathered Star quilt pattern with weekly prizes!

Visit Rebecca’s website to learn more about her block 

This project is Run and Hosted by Jane Davidson and Pat Sloan.

Add your block photo using the blue button. The Tutorial on how to load a photo

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