Top of the Hill Celebration, Day 3!

pat sloan giveaway

Day 3 is the last day of touring our designer’s sites and we have more awesome stuff from them in Celebration of reaching 50 blocks in The Splendid Sampler™!

Sunday is Katja Marek’s block 51… woohoo!


Now…. visit our designers ‘of the day’ for their MYSTERY Celebration article.. will it be a story? A share?  A free pattern? or maybe.. a chance to win a prize?? (NOTE if you don’t see it right way check back)

Did you miss

Take a few minutes to check out the weekend Class below sale.. it’s really good! And because the  Splendid Sampler™ is ALL about learning new things and we are excited to tell you that Until Sunday night ALL 36 of the Newest classes are 50% off!

eating better

and below I am leaving the great Class Sale for you to check out before Sunday Night! I personally am  interested in a few of the new non Quilting ones (what!! yes I am!)  Like “Flavor Comes First: Healthy Meals That Taste Delicious”

Quilters need to eat… and Stay Healthy which will let us quilt for a VERY long time! What I love best is that I’m able to replay a section where the instructor is doing something I’m interested in. Ellie Krieger is a registered dietitian, Food Network star and Public Television host. She shares her  really simple strategies for cooking meals that are both indulgently delicious and good for you. And she helps us learn how to think about food in a way that motivates us, and that way we quilt longer!!!! …. not sure she actually SAYS so we can quilt longer.. but I’m sure she is thinking it.. wink!

But WAIT.. There’s more!

debby brown class 3

Our Own Debby Brown’s new workshop is one of them, it’s an awesome class where she walks you through machine quilting using simple shapes that turn out amazing!