Bonus Block and Giveaway for Children’s Day

Splendid Sampler Childrens Day with Matthew

When Celia’s little boy Matthew was hanging around her sewing room as she was trying to sew Splendid Sampler blocks. She told me she  needed a “diversion tactic” so she could give her head peace while she was trying to sew.

Our young ‘up and coming designer’ took on the challenge and created a gorgeous block, his mom sewed it up and shared it with all of us!  Celia said “He is also amazed at how many folks liked it.”

Jane and I loved it so much we drafted it and asked Celia and Matthew if we could share it with you for June 1 which is Children’s day, and they said yes!

Download The Splendid Sampler™ BONUS block

Read the Original post the Matthew’s Mom, Celia shared at our online group

Keep reading… several of our design team sew with their children and shared their story. PLUS at the end Jane and I are hosting a giveaway!

Christa Watson little girl

Christa Watson: My daughter made her first quilt when she was 8 years old (she’s now 12). We used a precut charm pack to make it easier and she sewed every stitch including the machine quilting herself! She was so proud and even though she’s now moved onto other types of art, she loves being creative and trying new things because she learned confidence early on when she was younger. I always tell my students, if a young child can do it, “sew” can you!

The picture I’m sharing is of her practicing her machine quilting on a scrap, the same thing I encourage my students to do before they tackle the “real” quilt. Visit Christa!

Corey Yoder

Corey Yoder: This is one of my favorite pictures of my girls sewing & took place last spring during the frenzy of quilt market sewing. My mom came over to help me out and every time we stepped away from our machines my girls hopped on. They would have been 6 & 10 in this photo and they were working on their own creative projects. They love being able to just create and turn something from an idea in their head into something they can make and touch.

Just yesterday, Elonie, my youngest decided she wanted to make swim floaties for one of her dolls. She picked out fabric scraps & started sewing away–soon she had a completed project that she had thought out and implemented 100% on her own. Give kids the tools & freedom to create and you’ll give them tremendous self-worth & accomplishment. Visit Corey!

Melissa Corry

Melissa Corry: My children have always been a part of my sewing room. It starts with playing with toys on the floor, then they move to playing with my fabric scraps and thread cones, and eventually, when they get old enough to use the machine, they want to start sewing those fabric scraps together 😉 And it is always a special treat when Grandma comes up and joins in the fun.

We just love our 3 Generation Sew days!! And now that summer is starting all of the children are looking forward to “Summer Sewing with Grandma” days where she teaches them all sorts of amazing projects. I just love that my children are finding the same passion in fabric that I have and that they are not just learning it from me, but from their Grandma as well. Visit Melissa!

lynn harris

Lynn Harris: I have always been sewing with my children around. When my oldest two were small they liked to be wherever I was, if I was sewing, they wanted to be in the sewing room too. I would keep them entertained by asking them math questions as I was sewing. “If I am making a quilt that will be this big, and the blocks are THIS big, how many blocks do I need to make?” They enjoyed that challenge. They learned basic sewing skills but never became obsessed with sewing. I guess the math entertainment paid off because they now have college degrees in Math and Physics and the second has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. My daughter, on the the other hand LOVES to sew with me.

She is ten now and is almost finished with her first quilt. I’d share a photo but it is a surprise gift for someone and can’t be shared yet. She has always wanted to be in the sewing room with me and started off as a “fabric matcher”. She has a great eye for color and often pairs fabrics I would never have put together. She would often come home from preschool and ask if she could help match fabrics. She helped a great deal in pairing up fabrics to go together in several of the quilts in my book. She has made many things for her dolls and also some clothes for herself. I love that she will be able to create a wardrobe that is HER style from basic patterns. In her latest project, the quilt, she has learned to plan ahead, and break the project down into pieces that can be accomplished in a weekend. She counted out the weekends until the baby shower for her future niece/nephew and has been working hard to stay on track. Sewing can teach you some excellent life long skills! Here’s a photo of her when she was in five and would sit across from me at my sewing table. Visit Lynn!

Joan Ford Ver of Matthew block Pat Sloan Ver of matthews block

Joan Ford made a Matthew’s Block for her quilt (on the left) and I (Pat Sloan) made one for my quilt (On the right)… TIP – if you want to change up that center to a large unit.. I’m sure Matthew will be ok with that!

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We love that children learn to sew, such a gift we give them when we teach them this. We know many of you are teaching a little sew. For Children’s day our giveaway is geared to what they are doing.  We want to see what your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor is making! (child being under 16 yrs old)

We are giving away THREE books to THREE lucky quilters!  International winners will receive a digital copy.. woohoo!

To enter Share one of these things

  • A photo of you and a child sewing
  • A quilt a child has made
  • Inspired by Matthew, we will also take a quilt a child had drawn, enter twice if you made up the block like Matthew’s mom did!

Ends at 5pm EST on Monday June 6

Can’t wait to see if you won the books?  Buy them at and if you win it we’ll give you a different one!

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