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Jane and I get a lot of questions that are answered here at our website, so I want to give you the highlights because we made it as super easy and straight forward as possible.

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  • The HOME TAB on the top nav bar is where the current article is… at the END of the page you can go to the previous articles.

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The block list is clicked from the top nav bar and gives you all the current blocks.

  • We have to MANUALLY insert that block AND links. Sometimes we don’t get it put in right way when on travel.. or we may MISS putting the hot link on BOTH the photo and the TEXT.. if that happens on a BLOCK DAY.. just click HOME..and you will see it. You don’t need to write us  
  • If you MISSED a block, this is the page you go to and you’ll find it. You don’t need to write us and ask to resend it.

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The other Question I’m sent often is that you didn’t get your article email.

If you have been receiving them, and then miss one, 100% of the time it is your service provider. I take the time to go look, and  this is what I find

  • It was sent, but you didn’t open it – Solution –  check your spam or contact your service provider
  • It was sent and it bounced –  Solution –  contact your service provider
  • Sometimes a notice will not arrive but the next one will – If you would just wait and see if the next one comes before writing me, it saves me time. you can go directly to this website to download at anytime, you don’t need the notice to do that.
  • If you waited, and after several times it is still does not arrive AND your service provider says there is no issue, then write me. Your email must have bounced so many times in a row you were removed automatically by the newsletter service. That only happens after SEVERAL times of your email bouncing.
  • Lastly .. a few of you have marked our email as SPAM.. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you do that you are INSTANTLY removed.  So please be very careful what you click in the email.Solution – write to be added back

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