Happy Earth Day – Bonus block

First a reminder to be ready for our Splendid Sampler 2 Sew along!

April 22 is Earth day!  The whole Splendid Sampler™ team is super excited about this because our team…. and all of you quilting with us…  are from all corners of our big blue marble!

Earth day The splendid samplerv2

*** DOWNLOAD Earth day Bonus The splendid sampler ***

The Fabulous Cheryl Arkinson designed this just for us.  I decided I wanted to do some embroidery on mine, so I designed the earth from Pat & Cheryl’s side.. and the Earth from Jane’s side! You might want to find some map fabric, interesting prints for the earth, maybe cool airplane or space fabric for the background.. wouldn’t that be FUN!!

Visit Cheryl and signup for her articles, she is a GREAT writer!

Now it’s time to share YOUR vision of the Big Blue Marble… Happy Earth Day!

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