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This is our last Designer introduction. Christa Watson and I were talking about being ‘last in line’ as kids by the end of our name. Her maiden name and mine were both at the bottom, I only upgraded a few slots when I married a Sloan, she didn’t do as well.. wink!  In our honor, please give these designers as much love as all the others. You have the whole weekend to visit them, and the people you missed.   Next week I’ll share our other business partners, Aurifil, Martingale and American Patchwork & Quilting Magazine. Moda is right HERE, if you missed it!

Amy Smart’s Free tutorial for this heart block is my all time favorite heart blocks to make!  You can make a mini quilt with four this weekend. Or use it for the center and make our bonus block to go all around it in the colors you are thinking of using. Because I want to be sure you are busy this weekend!.

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And because I know you want a reminder, The first ‘The Splendid Sampler™’ block will be on our website Feb 14, 2016… Sunday.  I will wake up, have some coffee, check it for the 101st time and then publish it sometime before lunch MY time zone (United States, East coast) So please breath, look at the website, have a cup of tea.. ok? OK!

Amy Sinibaldi – Nana Company
“There are two types of creatives: those who believe in abundance and those who believe in scarcity. Share your creativity in abundance and without fear; I promise you’ll never run out.”

Amy Udall Smart – Diary of a Quilter
‘Perfection is pretty, but not essential. If worrying about perfection is holding you back, stop! Just jump in and enjoy the process. Let the act of creating bring satisfaction – not just the finished result.’

Kate Spain
“When selecting fabrics for your quilt project, don’t spend too much time deliberating. Set the clock and give yourself just a couple minutes to pick colors and prints based on your instincts. When you sew with colors that you feel strongly about, you’ll connect with what you’re making on a deeper level. You can always refine your selections to include more contrast, but by starting this way, you’ll create personal palettes that you will love.”

Jacquelynne Steves
“If you have “orphan” blocks laying around, have a bunch of your “quilt-y” friends over for a block swap. Or, organize a “Round Robin”- Everyone starts with someone else’s block, and adds something to it, such as a border or some applique. Then the block goes to the next person to add something to it. Everyone gets a turn working on each block until it goes back to the original block owner. But here’s the fun part- the original block owner doesn’t get to see their block until it comes back to them at the end!”

Anne Sutton – Bunny Hill Designs
“Personalize every quilt you make, even if you just embroider your initials or add a cute label to the back. If your quilt has houses, embroider your address above one of the doors. If your quilt has flowers add your child’s name to one of the petals. There’s a place to make it “yours” if you just look. History is in the making with every quilt you create. Don’t forget to include the date you finished it!”

Alyssa Thomas – Penguin & Fish
“Try new techniques and crafts without judgement. If you push off the need to get something perfect the first time, you’ll be more daring, learn more, and have more fun. That new craft may become your passion. Or it may not. And that’s OK.”

Kris Thurgood – My Girl Friends Quilt Shoppe
“Just keep sewing, sewing, sewing….”


Joanna Figueroa is one of our designers, and this is my favorite online class of hers. It’s full of trick, tips and very clever and awesome quilts!

BUY the Class here 50% off at the moment! 

Vicki Tucek

Lorena Uriarte
“A sampler should tell a story, whether literally or figuratively about your journey as a quilter. Not every block needs to be a star. In fact the supporting cast of not so perfect and quieter/ uglier blocks add depth and character to your story line.”

Christa Watson – Christa Quilts
“Machine quilting is my favorite technique and I think these sampler blocks are just perfect for practicing your skills! Just remember that more is more when it comes to machine quilting. The best way to hide imperfect stitches is to surround them with more quilting!”

Victoria Findlay Wolfe
“Make mistakes. Great design discoveries are made when we least expect it. Embrace your imperfections.”

Pat Wys
“Keep learning! If you have been a quilter for 30 days or 30 years there is ALWAYS something new to learn.”

Corey Yoder
“Sew with a friend. Fabric + friends = twice the fun!”

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corry yoder

Corey Yoder’s  FREE pattern ‘Framed In Quilt is one of my favorites! I love the large squares for showing off our great fabrics. Then the lattice work setting is interesting. You can jazz it up with a higher contrast or make it low key.

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