Meet The Splendid Sampler™ Designers

kim pincushion

This next group of designers has an amazing array of wonderful quilt goodness to share with you! AND we’ll travel the world!  From Kim in my hood of Virginia… to Aylin in Germany .. Gail, Siobhan, Fiona and Jenny in Australia…  to Latifah in LA.. what… Los Angeles isn’t it’s own country?  You will find all points in-between with our full team!

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Start with Kim’s adorable Pincushion tutorial, every  Splendid Sampler™ quilter needs on…. and visit everyone to the end!

Kim Niedzwicki – My Go-Go Life
“Make your seam ripper your friend :o)  Give it a name so when you spend time together (and you will) it will be like spending time with a friend!  Mine is named Jack…Jack the Seam Ripper and we are very close.”

Aylin Ozturk

Gail Pan – Gail Pan Designs
“Do what you love, love what you do, but don’t be afraid to try something new!! ”

Celine Perkins – Perkins Dry Goods
“Check your seam allowance before you start each project. Lighting, sewing machine, fabric weight and the thread you use all have an impact every time! Use my Perfect Piecing Seam Guide!”

Charise Randell – Charise Creates
“Don’t be afraid to try a new sewing technique. I love sewing because I am always learning new things. And I have been sewing for 45 years!”

Fiona Ransley – Designs by Fee

Jenny Reynolds – Jenny of Elefantz
“Don’t rush, ever. Breathe – enjoy the process of making something beautiful and as you slow the pace and slow your breathing you’ll find a gentle stitching rhythm develops.”

piecing like a pro

I always love a class that gives me tips from an expert! Donna Lynn Thomas’ class is full of tricks to better patchwork! I interviewed Donna Lynn on my podcast and you can’t go wrong getting this class!  BUY this Class 

Deb Roberts – Quilted Moose

Siobhan Rogers – Beaspoke Quilts
“look after your body – make sure your chair is comfy, sewing machine is at the right height & cutting bench is high! So you don’t hurt your back. Use sharp rotary cutters to save your neck and shoulders.  On that note Look after your machine ! Sharp needles & dusting/ oiling. Preparation is key!”

April Rosenthal
“Stretch your quilting muscles by trying new things, even when they look complicated. Try to figure out how a block is constructed, or how to resize a block before asking for help. It will make you a more confident quilter and keep your brain tack sharp! ”

Janice Ryan – Better Off Thread
“My tip is to press after sewing EACH seam. I get all twitchy when I see someone sewing an entire block together without pressing even one seam!”

Latifah Saafir
“You can sew anything if you take it one stitch and one seam at a time! ”

Kathy Schmitz
“Find joy in the process, not the perfection”

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janice ryan plus IMG_2115

Just Kisses is a free pattern from Janice Ryan and it is amazing! I love how her design will be SUPER GREAT to showcase our fabrics that we are using in The Splendid Sampler™.. I am thinking one ‘X’ for each block, using one fabric from my collection plus a background. What do you think of that idea? good right?

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