Meet The Splendid Sampler™ Designers

very kerry berry

Time to meet the next group of The Splendid Sampler™ Designers!!    Kerry Green has this ADORABLE mini bag perfect for playing with your fabric options or making one for a valentines day gift!  DOWNLOAD HERE

I have sprinkled some free patterns and classes we recommend into each of these Posts, I hope you enjoy them!.

Holly DeGroot – Bijoulovely
“Don’t hesitate to cut into your favorite bundle of fabric! It might look pretty sitting in a stack on your shelf, but you’ll love it even more when it’s sewn into a quilt you can cuddle up with on the couch!”

Cat Demack – CatandVee

Kimberly Einmo
“Progress, not perfection!Five to ten minutes of stitching a day will allow you to accomplish far more than you could imagine, plus it is a great way to feed your creative soul amidst your hectic schedule!”

Karla Eisenach – Sweetwater

Amy Ellis – Amy’s Creative Side
“Make small goals for your large projects – this is why a sampler project is so much fun.”

Joanna Figueroa – Figtree Quilts
“Always remember that quilting is meant to be an art and its meant to be a joyful process. I think so much of the time we focus too much on whether or not our points are perfect or all of our seams are nested. I don’t really think that’s what its meant to be all about. Don’t get me wrong… there are times when the perfect point is really important and if its off, its worth to rip out. But there are a lot of other times when its just not. Always remember why you are quilting and enjoy the process!”

Laura Flynn – Cotton Patch Quilt Shop
“The more fabrics in a quilt, the better! It is easier to pick 10 reds than that 1 “perfect” red. Not every fabric can be the star and not every block has to be “the best” because everyone gets a neighbor and we all look better surrounded by friends. Final advice: only work with fabrics you love. Life is too short to work with ugly fabric. ”

Joan Ford – Hummingbird Highway
“Absolutely nothing about our beloved quilting hobby should make any quilter feel guilty or overwhelmed! So, when your scrap stash seems like it’s taking over your sewing studio, and your UnFinished Objects start invading your storage spaces as if they’ve arrived from another world, well, that’s when I say it’s time to ‘cut the scraps’ and get sewing!”

Michele Foster – Mishka’s Playground
“pin, Pin, and PIN. Pins really are a quilter’s best friend.”

Amy Gibson – Stitchery Dickory Dock
“Make quilts you love, for the people you love, to use everyday.”

improve your quilts 2

For many of us, the Splendid Sampler project is about learning and improving our skills. I highly recommend this class to pick up some great tips!  AND right now it’s on sale for 50% off! I also wrote an article with several other highly recommended classes to help you, read about them at my article

Buy the Class…  

Vanessa Goertzen – Lellaboutique
“When life is scrappy, make a quilt.”

Geta Grama – Romanian Quilt Studio
“”Don’t say: I can’t or I don’t like it until you actually try it! You might be surprised. And don’t be afraid to break the rules, whatever the rule is”

Kerry Green – Very Kerry Berry
“As an alternative to preplanning a whole quilt, think one block at a time and treat each one as a mini canvas where you can try out colours and prints- let your quilt evolve”

Scott Hansen – Blue Nickel Studios
“I could say. .. when 15 prints aren’t enough, add 23 more. And my sign off line Keep Sewing, Keep Happy”

Lynn Harris – The Little Red Hen
“Save your scraps! Develop and keep a healthy scrap stash because working with “every last piece” is a creative challenge that is thrifty and results in unique and vibrant quilts.”

Brigitte Heitland – Zen Chic
“”Our quilting world is a part of the art. Art as a personal expression, as a dimension without the world couldn’t live. So go out, explore all the other expressions of art – let it be architecture, painting, music, dance – soak it in, let your creative juices influence your quilt art.”

Kimberly Jolly – Fat Quarter Shop

Faith Jones – Fresh Lemon Quilts
“Be creative, try something new, relax and have fun ~ these are all my goals when I sit down at the sewing machine!”

Heidi Kaisand – Hen & Chicks Studio
“My grandmother taught me to quilt and I will forever be thankful to her for beginning me on a path of fabric collecting, pattern planning, and life-long friendships. Grandma loved playing with fabrics and that is one of my favorite things to do is mix and match and audition fabrics, trying to find the perfect combination for my next project. ”

Julie Karasek – Patched Works Inc
“Don’t be afraid of trying new techniques. It’s only fabric! The worst thing that is going to happen will be you need to make another block. Make sure to keep a sharp seam ripper at your side to make any unsewing as painless as possible.”

lynn harris twinkling stars

Lynn Harris does amazing work with her scraps. Want to make a Twinkling star like Lynn’s? She tells you how in her free series of tutorials!  Start here for the list

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