Meet The Splendid Sampler™ Designers

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Time to meet the next group of designers!

Project – Jennifer Mathis gives us an adorable project to make with our fabrics for The Splendid Sampler™.   The Tutorial

Roseann Meehan Kermes – Rosebud’s Cottage
“With small blocks, it’s easy to misplace the pieces or put them in the wrong order. Place them on a small cutting mat, building the block as you cut the pieces. Move the mat to your sewing machine, then stitch the block together in an order that makes sense to you.  Put the units in their correct positions after they are pressed until you’ve completed it. I use a 12″ rotating mat by OLFA. I can trim dog ears at my machine with a small cutter and ruler. I use the lines on the mat to make sure my units are square and the right size,  too.”

Jen Kingwell – Jen Kingwell Designs
“Use fabrics you love..all of them. Mix genres, colours, values and prints. Stripes and geometrical add great visual interest. The most important thing is that you love it!”

Jackie Kunkel – Canton Village Quilt Works
“Always buy at least 1/2 yard, if you really like it buy 1 yard, but if you adore it… buy the bolt!!!”

Sara Lawson – Sew Sweetness
“Keep sewing! Sew every day, or as often as you are able to. Every project may not be a screaming success, but you will learn something new from each thing that you sew.“

Kelly Liddle – Jeliquilts
“Starch before you cut your fabric, it make a huge difference to the finished block.”

Ebony Love – Love Bug Studios
“Use 50 wt thread with a 75/11 quilting or topstitch needle for piecing, and change your needle at least at the start of a new project. We treat our needles like they are some rare jewel only to replaced when broken, instead of as the consumable objects that they are.”

Stacey Lowe – Peppermint Stitches

Katja Marek – Katja’s Quilt Shoppe
“Discover the ‘Hex’-abilities!”

Jennifer Mathis – Ellison Lane
“Comparison is the thief of joy! Sew because it brings you joy and because it is rewarding and fun to make things that are both beautiful and useful.”

Sarah J Maxwell – Designs by Sarah J
“Most of the important things in life have been accomplished by people who kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all”. Dale Carnegie


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Lindsay Mayland – American Patchwork & Quilting
“Finished is better than perfect! A quilt made with your hands and heart will always be beautiful and appreciated, even if there are imperfections. Life is too short to pick out flaws. Just enjoy the process, share your creations with others, and love your work! ”

Martingale Editors – Jennifer Keltner, Karen Soltys and Beth Bradley
“Jennifer Keltner – One of my favorite quotes that might also serve as an inspiration to quilters trying new techniques on their Splendid Sampler is this: Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.”

“Karen Soltys – The best way (or the most fun way) to learn something new is to give it a try. You won’t really know if you like a particular technique or tip or trick until you try it. When I started quilting I swore I’d never applique because I didn’t like doing handwork. Turns out, I really enjoy handwork. I just didn’t like hemming and mending things!”

Me and My Sister Designs Barb and Mary
“Always get your sister to sew all the stuff you don’t want too!!”

Sherri McConnell – A Quilting Life
“Just keep sewing!”

Pam Vieira McGinnis – Pam Kitty Morning
“she wished every morning was a PamKitty Morning! ”

Laurie Simpson – Minick & Simpson

Di Murphy (Mill)

Michele Muska

Carrie Nelson Moda Blog

Frances Newcombe
“Don’t worry about making the perfect block – just enjoy the process. ”

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