Block 99 – Four Corner Spinwheel

Designer: Kimberly Einmo 

Techniques : Patchwork

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom   Kimberly Einmo , Melanie Barrett  Melissa Corry ,  Jane Davidson,  Lynette Anderson ,  Joan Fordand Katja Marek

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Kimberly Einmo  – Progress, not perfection!  Five to ten minutes of stitching a day will allow you to accomplish far more than you could imagine, plus it is a great way to feed your creative soul amidst your hectic schedule!”

I think one of the happiest days I’ve had is when I found out my friend Kimberly Einmo would be moving to my area! She is close enough we get to see each other a several times a year at our sewing bee.

Our Splendid Sampler includes so many amazing designers..and honestly it takes a strong group to be the last few in this amazing project. Kimberly was ALL in for being number 99… really she is AMAZING.  Jane and I can’t thank her enough to pulling in to be our #99 wrap up!

But .. that is not all.. Kimberly is such an incredible teacher.  If you can take a workshop with her in person DO IT! if not.. she has several online classes like this FREE one

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AND her other classes HERE

Since we ‘shuffled’ the dates a bit that meant that Kimberly was out of town today….. as in “so out of town she is on a cruise ship sailing in the open seas with a TON of happy quilters taking a workshop from her!”

yes you can be jealous now!

She and her family LOVE to ocean and this photo is one of my favorites of her and her ‘boys’ scuba diving!

VISIT Kimberly for MORE about her block!

These are just a few of Kimberly’s awesome books. She is an Award winning quilter and her techniques are so ones you really NEED to add to your library. you will love any of these!

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