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We know in the end, many of you will want to know how to quilt your  version of our The Splendid Sampler™.  Will you quilt it simple, Will you add customer designs in each block, just what heck should you quilt!

We have a real treat for you this year.. a learning treat. We invited quilting expert, Handi Quilter Educator,  and awesome instructor Debby Brown to be part of our project…. read to the end to see what we planned!

First she has TWO workshops online, so you can start learning NOW from her by buying those. The first one I did a review on, if you want more information GO HERE

Or just BUY THE CLASS.. it’s worth every penny!

debby brown class two
The 2nd class she has online is also really amazing for planning what you want to do. She walks you through all kinds of techniques and strategies for figuring out things. Click the photo to watch the video intro.

BUY the Class and learn a ton!

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What is KEY to great quilting, thread!  Did you know that if you love a certain color of Aurifil thread, you can get it in the small, regular and cone size?  And in any weight!

Pick up the Best Thread EVER at your favorite quilt shop or find it online  HERE, and  HERE, and my latest Aurifil kits HERE.



Handi Quilter is one of our hand selected partners for The Splendid Sampler™.  You can visit them at HandiQuilter.com to learn more about the company.

In addition to Debby being a Handi Quilter Educator… i know a lot of you have met her at shows, a few of our other designers also work with Handi Quilter as ambassadors. Like Ebony Love uses a HQ Infinity, April Rosenthal uses a HQ Fusion, Melissa Corry uses a HQ Avante.

And now the the BIG NEWS!!!

Debby Brown Japanese quilting

Debby is doing to be giving monthly tips on how to plan quilting for the blocks. She will have sample blocks and do tutorials to teach you how to think about these little pieces of art you are creating.

Jane and I couldn’t be more excited to have Debby share her knowledge with us.. and Today she has a BIG Question at her site to kick this off…..

Visit Debby to Learn more!

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