The Splendid Sampler™ Way to do things

Now that three lovely and amazing blocks, plus a bonus have been published, we are on our way to making 100 blocks.

So now is the time to have ‘the Talk’.

pat sloan block 1 collage

Our community is amazing,  large, multinational,and a chatty bunch, we love that!


We need to be sure you understand a few things about the project, and our classroom for it at Facebook. Our classroom is where we all share and have a wonderful kind community.  To keep it that way, we want to get everyone on the same page.

  • There are 100 blocks by 83 guest designers, plus Jane and I. Real, live people sewed and wrote and gifted this to you. Please be kind. If something is not your cuppa, then do the bonus block. Or make a 2nd version of another block you love later in the project. Above all…  Please… never, ever say you ‘don’t like a block’ that someone was generous enough to design and give to you. Be kind in our group at all times.
  • All the blocks are done and the schedule is done. So nothing will be changed, please don’t ask us to change, or make it more simple or do another way.  It’s your choice to sew these free blocks with us.  We are not making you do it.
  • 100 blocks in 365 Days. It sounds innocent doesn’t it?  Two blocks a week. Only 6″ blocks, Crazy fun! Until life happens, you don’t get to sew for days.. and then you have unsewn blocks piling up.
    • This was not designed as a race. It was designed to bring people together. Designers we admire. To create a Splendid and most unique Sampler ever made. You can choose to be part of our journey. We don’t expect you to finish the 100 blocks in a year.  Life really does happen. Jane and I have both been in sew alongs that are similar and it’s tough to do them this fast. And the 2 a week is not changing (see above)
    • So.. Don’t try to make all 100 blocks in the year. Instead relax, breath, have fun, enjoy the process. We are going to be around much longer than a year with this.
    • When you have not sewn for day – When you have not done 3 or 4 or 18 blocks in a row. Start with the next one published. DO NOT go back. Instead go forward and work on what is current. It’s a mind game. It works.

pat sloan be kind

  • Level of Effort per Block. I’ll be honest right here, right now. Many of these are not beginner blocks. And whenever you work with a 6″ square there will be a lot of pieces. The designers were given no rules on what to design, so you are getting the most original and unique 100 block sampler in the history of quilting with us. This is epic, it’s history making, we hope you savor the experience of it and be a part of it in what ever way you can.
  • The FAQ  Please look here first. We update it often with your most asked questions.
  • The Directions We’ve had a lot of people who have written in the group, or emailed us who have not read the directions. Please read them before starting. Get things out, take  your time.  We are putting the pattern into a standard format but it still has the unique flow from the designer. So you are dealing with 85 different sets of style.
  • Visit the Designer – On their day, many of them will give you tips or extras, so visit them!
  • Industry Standards. We are following Quilt Industry pattern writing standards. Please see the FAQ for morequilting hacks

Here is a FREE tip sheet I found for you to download, enjoy and Thank you for reading until the end!

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