Some Tips for getting around The Splendid Sampler™

pat sloan splendid sampler wings block 2 collage

What a gorgeous display since yesterday of Jane’s Wing’s block.  We are off to an amazing start with at least 20,000 people sewing along, many in our Facebook classroom, other are looking at our articles and sharing at our show pages!

I want to give you some tips for navigating The Splendid Sampler™. With so many people, we are working VERY hard to put your most asked questions, with answers here on the website. That way you don’t have to email me, you can look here!

  • This Email Notice
    • This email you are reading, is a notice. NO links work, you come to the website to click the links!
    • We do not write something everyday, although there are more articles early in this project.
    • This email notice goes out at a set time, late morning my time ( think Washington DC). BUT articles  and new blocks might be released. So you can always check right here at the website.
    • Patterns are always AT the website, not in the email. So if your system blips and you don’t get an email, just come to the website!
    • If you are not getting notices, please do this before writing me
      • is there a new article and it is afternoon my time? then look in your spam.
      • Did you JUST sign up? wait until the next article comes out, you might have a timing issue and missed the send
      • Do people have the pattern and it’s early morning, then they came to the website, so you can too!
  • Printer issues
    • If you see people made the pattern, then the printer issue will be on your end. Sadly, we can not fix the printer issue for you, and won’t be able to answer any emails about it.
    • However, here are some tips that may help!:
      1) Be sure to download and save the PDF file to your local computer.
      2) Open the PDF file from your computer and try to print. If it still won’t print, then:
      3) Update your Adobe Reader to the latest version.
      4) Once updated, try again to open the PDF file from your computer.
      5) Or you might need to  change devices or call for local technical support.

pat sloan splendid sampler block 2 thread

  • Making the quilt YOUR way
    • We want you to make the quilt your way, like I did above.
    • That might mean you turn blocks a different way (like my center), or you might have a little chopped off point (those butterflies were fluttering too much!) or you might change coloration. Sometimes you make is fit your fabric, like changing that 4 patch a single square. Heck you may not even do the HST.
    • ALL of this is ok.. ALL of it..
    • NONE Of that is wrong, There are no Quilt Police. So please do NOT point out to people something ‘is wrong’ . Read our ‘Splendid Way to Do things to get on the same page with us.
    • Those adorable scissors and yummy Aurifil thread can be found on my Pat’s Pick page.

Our  Road Map

piecing like a pro

Learning as we go

This is a free quilt along and there are many new things to be learned. Sometimes the designer will have a tutorial. Sometimes Not. But we do have a list at the top of the website for all kinds of great tutorials.

And we do have class recommendations, it’s up to you to try new things, find what works, and learn a TON of things!

The smaller block size means you may need a few new tools for your quiltmaking tool box.  I highly recommend this Piece Like a Pro class. I’ve interviewed the author, Donna Lynn Thomas.  She also has several books if you prefer learning that way.

I am so excited you joined us, this is going to be a fantastic journey!

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