How do I do that ? …. the art of learning.

Many of you are wondering about how you are going to make blocks using techniques yet undiscovered in your quilting journey.  Is it going to be too hard? Where do I go to learn these techniques?


Here is a list of places to start.

The internet community

There is an ever growing supply of instructional material continually being posted on the web. As the web is not monitored and there is no quality control for the content posted it is important to read with discretion and work out if this is the tutorial for you or not.  Tutorials with positive feedback are a good indication that they may be helpful.

If you find a good tutorial bookmark it in your browser or save the link for future reference.

Desert Sands - from Desert to Sea, 10 quilts from Australian Designers
Desert Sands – from Desert to Sea, 10 quilts from Australian Designers

Google it – Search the web for tutorials, classes, images. There are boundless learning material on the web. Try a few search phrases to expand the search. There are a variety of ways to define a technique and the more accurate your wording the better the search results. For example, if you want to learn about Appliqué try these search parameters – How do I do needle turn appliqué ? or needle turn appliqué tutorial.

Youtube – Excellent for the visual and auditory learner. Like the internet there are so many videos available. Look for the best rated and subscribe to a channel if you like the content.

On-line classes – Popular sites, like Craftsy, are excellent for learning techniques. They provide a structured class with examples and teacher interaction.  Also, many of the Splendid Sampler ™ designers are teachers and post classes on-line. Check their websites for more information.

Social media quilting groups: There are many groups on FB that are full of members ready to share their tips and tricks. Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest also have posts that lead to tutorials. Be aware though of getting a prompt response from large on-line communities. Sometimes your question gets buried in a 1000 posts.

Off line quilting communities 

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Go to a class – Check your local quilt shop for upcoming classes or visit a large quilt show where they may be demonstrating a technique or new notion.

Ask someone in your quilting group – Next time you are at your quilting group ask your friends how they do a certain technique and if they could help you with the block. There is nothing better than sharing your knowledge with quilty friends.

Mini Rhonda Quilt

Let the learning begin …..

Here are some tips for getting the most out go learning.

Be ready to learn: be mentally, physically and emotionally ready to learn.  Don’t read or watch a tutorial if you are distracted. Find a little time to yourself to build your skill set.


Repeat – Those things repeated are best remembered. Watching, reading and doing the same repetitive task is one of the best ways to learn and develop your skills. Those things repeated are best remembered. Practice makes perfect.

Effect – we learn best if it has been a pleasant experience. Ok, so we sometimes have a bad learning experience. Don’t let that get in your way of making the Splendid Sampler ™ block. There are so many ways you can achieve the desired outcome. If you find one method has not worked in the past or your skills have evolved over time, try another way.


Our first experience – it usually the one we remember and follow. I often hear, “but that is how I was taught”.  That’s OK. It may be the best way but don’t close your mind to other ways of doing a quilting technique. You may find you can combine your own way and a few new ideas.

Fresh in our minds – the things most recently learned are those most remembered. If you learn a new technique try to do it as soon as possible.

Excitement – we remember things that were interesting and exciting. You will be more inclined to absorb a tutorial if it is excites the senses. Try using your favourite fabrics when making a block.

DHWQ - Block 21 The Star
DHWQ – Block 21 The Star

Freedom – we are more comfortable with learning when we are free to learn ourselves.    The freedom to learn what we like at our own pace. Forget those deadlines. The Splendid  Sampler ™ should be a fun adventure in sewing. We can stand back and admire what we have achieved through our learning. Don’t forget mistakes are part of that learning process.  A little unpicking and may be redoing a block or two are just part of the adventure.

Requirement – The law of requirement states that “we must have something to obtain or do something.”  Part of The Splendid Sampler ™ is about learning or gaining a new skill.  We all have to start somewhere. e.g if you want to make a quilt block you need materials to  to sew with, and you must know how to sew and cut the block until you reach your desired goal which is make a quilt block.

The most important piece of advice we can give you is  – be confident, try and try again and don’t be afraid to learn.

Fantasia block
Fantasia block

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