Meet “Splendids” in Person!

pat in newport news 1

I had a chanced to meet Splendid Sampler makers in person on several trips recently.. here at Newport News VA!! They all brought their blocks too.. such fun!

michele muska met carol and tracy renee

Our Splendid Designer Michele Muska meet some Splendid’s when she was on the road at a show!! Look at how cute they are!  I am eyeing that print top on the right.. do you think she might cut it up for her blocks?

louise godsmark aussie 8

Louise in Australia took great photos of their gathering!!  I am not sure if the adorable Kangaroo was over whelmed by the fun… or is he making blocks too?

red trunks  Pat Sloan Splendid Sampler my block 14

I’m storing my  Splendid Sampler™ projects in this set of cutie pie suitcases! The largest is shown on the right.. plus it comes in a LOT of other colors!  The stand is back in stock now.. we love to showcase one block as it’s done and enjoy it… so fun right?

rotary cutter blades

I’m totally on a QUEST to get people to use a decent rotary cutter.. and to change blades often… sooo.. update my friends, you won’t be sorry! The rotary cutter above is SO EASY to change the blade.. the buy a pack of blades… then  you’ll change them often..


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