A Very Splendid Sequel Indeed!

Jane and I had so much fun with all the designers in The Splendid Sampler that we decided to ask another 80 designers to join us for a 2nd Splendid Sampler book and sew along!

Do you want to know more? I thought so!

Jane and I decided to run this sew along in a similar way, but not exactly the same because it’s more fun to do things a little different!

We decided to write the book BEFORE we announced it to you, so the book is being finalized and sent off to be printed. That makes it a lot easier for the entire team then doing double work.

Our project works well with the first book. We have 100 blocks that finish at 6″ square. We have several all-new layouts in this book (no layout repeats) and the 80 designers have come in with a whole NEW collection of unique blocks.

This is UNLIKE any regular sampler, it’s WAY more fun to let a designer have the freedom to create from their hearts a block for you. We love our design friends for joining us!

The Plan (but not the WHOLE plan..we are holding back some surprises… wink!)

  • We don’t want to wait until the book ships in mid-October to start the fun, so we are going to give away 20 FREE Blocks from our book to kick start the sew along!  We are SO excited!
  • Between NOW and June 14 we have some fun things planned
  • June 14 – Sew Along STARTS  with One block a week on Thursday
  • Nov 1 – the 20th block is given out
  • Dec 6 We start sewing from the book with blocks announced on Thursdays.
  • May 2 is the planned end date. So it’s a full year of fun!


  • Blocks Size =   6″ FINISHED size, just like the first book,  so they can be combined.
  • June 14 – Nov 1 We will sew blocks that we give for FREE from the book.
  • Dec 6 – we start sewing blocks from the book, so you will need the book to continue the fun that we have planned!

The fun will be meeting our 80 design friends, creating unique blocks, learning new things, hearing our friends’ stories, and .. of course.. guessing what block will be NEXT!


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And we’d love for you to meet our amazing and super talented Splendid Sampler II Designer Team

  1. Alex Veronelli
  2. Amy Friend
  3. Amy Johnson
  4. Andy Knowlton
  5. Anne Marie Chany
  6. Annette Plog
  7. Betsy Chutchian
  8. Carrie Nelson 
  9. Brenda Ratliff
  10. Carolee McMullin
  11. Cath Hall
  12. Carl Hentsch
  13. Cecile McPeak and Rachel Martin
  14. Chelsie Stratton
  15. Cheryl Brickey
  16. Dawn Heese
  17. Debbie Grifka
  18. Debby Brown
  19. Fiona Wright
  20. Gudrun Erla
  21. Heather Givans
  22. Helen Stubbings
  23. Irene Blanck
  24. Jenni Smith
  25. Jennifer Keltner
  26. Jenny Doan
  27. Jenny Pedigo and Helen Robinson
  28. Jess Frost
  29. Jill Rimes and Jamie Mueller 
  30. Jill Shaulis
  31. Jo Avery
  32. Jodie Carleton
  33. Jody Sanders  
  34. Jeni Gaston
  35. Jodi Godfrey
  36. Joyce Beenes
  37. Judy Engime
  38. Karen Soltsy
  39. Kat Wilson Tucker
  40. Katarina Roccella
  41. Kerry Goulder
  42. Kitty Wilkin
  43. Krista Hennebury
  44. Laura Kay Houser
  45. Lee Chappell Monroe
  46. Linda Nitzen 
  47. Lissa Alexander
  48. Lori Kennedy
  49. Marilyn Foreman
  50. Mary Honaker
  51. Melissa Mortenson
  52. Missie Carpenter
  53. Monique Dillard
  54. Nadra Ridgeway
  55. Nancy Mahoney
  56. Nancy Zieman we are honored to have one of Nancy Zieman’s blocks in our project. We miss her so much
  57. Nicole Daksiewicz
  58. Nicole Vos van Avezathe
  59. Nikki Tervo
  60. Patrina Jahnke
  61. Rachaeldaisy
  62. Rebecca Bryant
  63. Rhonda Pierce
  64. Richy Lainson Jr
  65. Rob Appell
  66. Robin Vizzone
  67. Shannon Gillman Orr
  68. Sharon Burgess
  69. Shelley Robson
  70. Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill
  71. Shruti Dandekar
  72. Susan Ache
  73. Susan Guzman
  74. Tammy Vonderschmitt
  75. Tara Baisden
  76. Terry Atkinson
  77. Wenche Wolff Hatling
  78. Wendy Sheppard
  79. Yvonne Busdeker
  80. Yvonne Fuchs



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