How to read the free patterns

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When are they published?

  • Twice a week block patterns will be available for download.
  • On Thursday and Sunday.
  • US Time zone Eastern, generally in the morning after Pat is up and can check them.
  • Patterns are ALL in PDF format and will require a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader, to open the file.


The format is very simple.

The header of each pattern will have:


  • Story – The inspiration behind the block design.
  • The pattern name, Splendid Sampler ™ , Designer name and finished block size.
  • Image of the block.

the splendid sampler pattern reading

The body of the pattern will contain:

Requirements: The amount of fabric needed and any additional materials, like embroidery thread, that are needed to make that block.

The fabric requirements are based on the quantity required to cut just THAT block and a little extra in case of mistakes.

Note: If you are fussy cutting pieces for a block you will require more fabric. If extra notions are required they will be listed such as: fusible web, embroidery floss, stabilizers.

Cutting: Directions on how to cut the pieces needed for the block.  The fabric will be listed along with the quantity and size of each piece.

For example: From Fabric A cut: 2 squares – 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″

Preparation: If the block requires templates, appliqué or backgrounds to be prepared for a technique then the steps will be listed here.

For example: Iron embroidery stabilizer to wrong side of background fabric.

Block Assembly: This section lists the steps for sewing the block. There are diagrams to guide you through the block assembly.

Finishing the block: In some patterns this heading is included. It may include extra instructions to complete the block.the splendid sampler pattern reading2


  • If there is a shape or embroidery to trace for a block, the pattern will contain a full sized template or drawing.
  • You may see a label – ‘Do not scale or ‘Fit to Page’. This means do not reduce or enlarge when printing and make sure that your pages print at 100%.
  • There is an inch reference marker included with every template set.
  • After printing, measure the inch marker to see if you have printed at the correct size. 

Do not print directly from your browser. Download the file and open it in Adobe Reader. 

Templates for paper piecing and appliqué may be displayed in reverse (reflected, mirror image) if required.  For example, if you are doing fusible applique you want the shape reversed… see star below for an example of what that means.

There will be a label next to templates that have been reversed – ‘Templates have been reversed’.  If you are using a method that does not require the templates to be reversed then trace from the full sized block outline provided.


This is how the star will look from the front

‘Seam allowance not included’ label indicates that the template has NO seam allowance added. If the method you work with required a seam allowance, add it.

Hand piecing

Each pattern has been written by an individual designer and may differ in style. Not all patterns include a full block outline.

Outlines will be included for blocks that contain:

  • Applique
  • Embroidery
  • Paper Piecing
  • English Paper Piecing

General instructions not included in the patterns

  • All seams are 1/4″ unless specified.
  • Fabric is based on a width of 42″.
  • Required general sewing notions – thread, rotary cutter, scissors, sewing machine (or tools for hand sewing).
  • Go to our Tutorial links on the Top Nav Bar,  we will add things all year long


The patterns belong to the individual designers. The patterns can be downloaded for personal use and will be available until March 2017.  You can make extra copies of the templates to make the blocks but you cannot make copies of the pattern to distribute, sell, make into kits or use for commercial gain. If you have any questions about copyright contact the designer.

If you use EQ7 to draw the block or draft on paper it cannot be shared. It can only be used for personal use.

NOTE- You will see some shops offering a starter bundle of fabric, this does not include any patterns or directions.

If I have a problem with the pattern who do I ask for help?

The designer of the pattern will help you with any queries. A link to their posts and tutorials will be available with each published block post.

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