Block 95 – Sunshine

Designer: Kim Niedzwiecki

Techniques : Piecing

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom   Kim Niedzwiecki, Melanie Barrett   Katja MarekJoan Ford,  Lynette Anderson ,  Melissa Corry, and Jane Davidson

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Kim Niedzwiecki “Make your seam ripper your friend :o)  Give it a name so when you spend time together (and you will) it will be like spending time with a friend!  Mine is named Jack…Jack the Seam Ripper and we are very close.”

GoGo Kim is an incredible designer, photographer and most of all friend. Jane and I are lucky enough to have the talented Kim as a best buddy and I MUST tell the story of how I meet Kim…

I’m at the trade show….  out in the lobby area….. doing something. I see a designer I know and I go over to say hello.  Then in BOUNCES this lovely lady… all bubbly and chatty wearing the most amazing skirt (she made.. of course) and she gives me a HUGE  hug and a HUGE smile.. and we have been best friends since!

Visit Kim to see more on her blocks WITH a video tip on making her block. PLUS she has INCREDIBLE photos!! enjoy! 


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