Block 83 – Minnesota Maze


Designer:  Roseann Meehan Kermes

Techniques : Piecing

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom) Roseann Meehan Kermes (2 blocks), Melanie Barrett,   Katja Marek    Joan Ford,   Lynette Anderson and  Melissa Corry 

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Roseann’s Tip for Working with small Pieces  – “With small blocks, it’s easy to misplace the pieces or put them in the wrong order. Place them on a small cutting mat, building the block as you cut the pieces. Move the mat to your sewing machine, then stitch the block together in an order that makes sense to you.  Put the units in their correct positions after they are pressed until you’ve completed it. I use a 12″ rotating mat by OLFA. I can trim dog ears at my machine with a small cutter and ruler. I use the lines on the mat to make sure my units are square and the right size,  too.”

I have known Roseann since I started my business. She has been a shop owner and designer every since she started her own business years ago after leaving the military.  You will find her designs all through your magazines from American Patchwork & Quilting and now she is a licensed Sizzix Designer with super adorable dies.

Roseann also loves wool.. like REALLY loves wool. She is an expert in how to use die cut machines for cutting the wool.  So back to when I first meet Roseann in person. I was in my booth at the trade show and this super darling and bubbly lady came bouncing in chattering away about all my projects and how cute they were.. I loved her right away and I had no idea who she was.. she had forgotten to introduce herself!!

We became fast friends from that moment on. She is so full of life and enthusiasm I’m blessed to have her as a friend.

Now VISIT Roseann to see more about her block and her fun ‘Top Secret’ panic project!


If you to try die cutting, this is our favorite cutter, and here is some wool to get you started!


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