Block 79 – Spool of Inspirational Threads


Designer: Melanie Barrett


Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom)  Melanie Barrett,   Melanie Barrett,    Joan Ford, Melissa Corry,    Katja Marek, and  Lynette Anderson 

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Melanie Barrett tip “Tools, tools, tools! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you have too many! Of course you need the basic tools, but the specialty tools can be lots of fun to use and can save you time.”

I REALLY love Melanie’s tip. As you’ve been making Splendid Blocks I bet you found lots of uses for tools!

I first meet Melanie when her guild asked me to teach for her local guild. At the time she had a quilt shop in a cute house (the shop is now online)  She has the BEST guild! They decided to make a special event by renting a really nice hotel space for my Friday evening talk and it was a party! Then I taught two days of workshops. Everyone had so much fun!  Melanie is very talented and LOVES small blocks.. like LOVES them. Plus her work is perfect.  If you want to learn how to do things with perfection, ask Melanie.

Jane and I want to share with everyone how grateful we are to know Melanie. She stepped in to help us. We needed each block made a 2nd time in another colorway and she helped us do that… we send hearts and rainbows to Melanie every day!!

NOW you are in for a treat.. Visit Melanie’s website and see what she did with the TINY versions of her spool block!

piecing like a pro

We selected this class on piecing like a pro for you in Honor of Melanine’s love of tools!



We also like the Colonial Manor prints for their scale, perfect for your Splendid Sampler!

BUY In Blue, Red and tan/black colorways

This project is

We would love to see all your blocks so add your links down below with the blue button. The Tutorial on how to load a photo

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