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The Splendid Sampler Cover

Time for a reveal of the cover of our book ‘The Splendid Sampler™’!!!!   

Jane and I are so grateful to Martingale, our publisher, for creating such an amazing cover!! The book comes out in APRIL.. we are pretty lucky to be able to show you this so soon!  And you might notice a few blocks that are coming up… wonder which designer.. did…which?

You can preorder HERE and be sure to  stick it in your wish list.. maybe Santa will order it for you.. wink wink!

*PLEASE NOTE.. all places we link to are shops in the United States*

Pat Sloan gobble gobble and charm pack

I seriously may have gone a little crazy… come see what I MIGHT do at my website and I have a link to buy a digital copy of that adorable 6″ turkey block!

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