Block 59 – Circle of Friendship

59 Splendid Sampler Michele Muska block multi

Designer:  Michele Muska

Techniques : Patchwork

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom):  Michele Muska, Pat Sloan, Jane Davidson,  Lynette AndersonKatja Marek, and Joan Ford

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The Splendid Sampler Michele Muska

I am not sure how long I’ve known Michele, but I remember the first time I we hung out together. She chatted with me like we had known each other since 6th grade. And she had this crazy wild phone case that must have weighed 80 lbs and was covered in crystals and pearls.. oh… and a skully….. we’ve been friends every since.. how could you NOT be friends!

Michele she has works within our creative industry. She is with the marketing depart of EZ Quilting, Simplicity and many other ventures. Plus she knows.. everyone. Really… EveryOne in the industry.  And we are ALL her best friends since 6th grade!

Michele’s story about her block is so wonderful, and she used this teeny tiny adorable Dresden ruler. She sent one to Jane and I around Christmas time and Jane put it on her Christmas tree!

Michele is filled with creativity and she ideas. She is a maker in many different mediums. One of her beautiful project sis the book she wrote  ‘Quilting the New Classics‘. I am one of her featured designers. She picked 10 different patterns and had 2 people make one, a more traditional version of the design and one a less traditional version. Mine is the logcabin, it was an amazing project to be on! In the photo above she is standing in front of one of her yoyo quilts from her book.


Besides being so very talented, Michele is a great cook! She is featured in Pie*ography

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…. Pat

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