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56 Splendid Sampler Jennifer Keltner block multi

Designer: Jennifer Keltner, Martingale

Techniques : Applique

Blocks by Designers (L to R, Top to Bottom):  Jennifer Keltner, Jennifer Keltner,  Pat Sloan,  and Michele Foster


Are you looking for the downloadable pattern? As from 19th February 2017, they are no longer available at this site.  For your convenience, we have placed them all in one comprehensive book which will be available  April 2017. 

  • 100 eye-catching designs from over 80 designers that use a wide range of techniques, including traditional patchwork, applique, foundation paper piecing, and embroidery
  • A number of the 6-inch blocks are shown in two colorways for twice the creativity
  • Be inspired by gallery quilts featuring carefully selected placement options for your Splendid Sampler blocks
  • Bonus blocks projects are not included in the book and can be found here.

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Jennifer Keltner Splendid Sampler Block 56

Jennifer Says:  One of my favorite quotes that might also serve as an inspiration to quilters trying new techniques on their Splendid Sampler is this: Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.

I have known Jennifer Keltner a long time. My Coneflower block is inspired by the first project I had published in American Patchwork & Quilting  Magazine, it’s one that Jennifer asked me to do.  We have gone to South Africa together, we have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner .. and we’ve shared ideas and creativity. She is the force behind my Talk show being part of the American Patchwork & Quilting family of programs. She is my mentor and my friend.

Jane and I asked people we admired to be part of our project and Jennifer is at the top of our list. When Jane and I went to her with our idea of a book for the Splendid Sampler project, Jennifer says yes before the sentence was even completed.

Jennifer Keltner Splendid Sampler Block 56 num2

As the Publisher and Chief Visionary Officer at Martingale books, she is a smart and savvy business person. But Jennifer is much more. If you EVER have the chance to hear her talk.. Run.. don’t walk! She is clever and funny.. because how many people who run a company will be a unicorn for a day?

Jennifer has a long career in publishing. When she went to Martingale she told me she went from daily deadlines at Kansas City Star newspaper, to monthly deadlines at many sewing magazines, to quarterly deadlines as a book publisher. Learn about Jennifer’s background here

VISIT the Martingale Blog for some tips from Jennifer on making her block!

I know you will enjoy Jennifer’s block. I had a TON of fun with fussy cutting fabric this time!…. Pat

Michele Foster used a dark background. To place her items perfectly she put the paper over her light box, then the dark fabric. With the light box the lines showed up easily for her to position the applique! A Slim line light box with adjustable brightness make tracing craft projects a breeze. Buy here.


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