Block 33 – Selvage Saver

33 Splendid Sampler Pat Sloan Block collage

DesignerPat Sloan

Techniques : Piecing, Foundation

Blocks by Pat Sloan, Pat Sloan, Melanie Barrett, Charise Randell, Lynette Anderson,  Melissa Corry, Joan Ford, and Katja Ma

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Pat Sloan:  I’ve been quilting quite awhile now and I can’t believe how I STILL get so excited about all things quilting. If I spot a new fabric, a fun technique, or an adorable project …  I must own it, try it, and make it!!  

We have sewn a lot for for the book, but I’m also sewing another Splendid Sampler along with you. My own Aqua, Red, Cream and Gray is my version to enjoy sewing and to savory every stitch! I am not even TRYING to keep up. that is not fun, I’m going to be making Splendid blocks with quilters for years to come, so don’t feel rushed, relax, enjoy the journey.

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I designed this block to showcase some of the selvages from the fabrics you are using in your quilt. A truly frugal block to use every scrap of your fabric up!

So what IS the selvage anyway? It is the EDGE of your fabric. Is often White or cream with the fabric line, designer, manufacturer and color dots.

The Edge is very tightly woven and often you can see the little holes where it is held onto the machine for printing it. Mixing in a few of these with your whole quilt will not affect it at all. And you don’t normally use this because it’s a different color than the fabric.

Batiks don’t have a printed selvage, so you’ll notice Joan’s block doesn’t have any.

I often include a piece of the selvage on my label or as a strip for pieced quilt backings to remember the fabric lines. Plus loads of adorable ‘dots’ now.. bunnies, flowers, I even had tomatoes! I hope you will add just a LITTLE piece into your quilt to try it!

TIPS!!!!!!!!!!! VISIT My page for tips on working with Selvages!

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